~ An Employment Initiative for Asperger People ~





~ A program of Customized WorkForce Planning℠ ~


A weekly employment assistance program for adults diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome who want to become employed or be better employed

THE WORKFORCE TODAY program offers teaching & practice, with real-time feedback:

• Enhancement of daily living skills through improvement in executive functioning & communication

• Growth in self-esteem, mindfulness, & Theory of Mind by developing CORE attributes

• Identification of skills, values, and strengths as they relate to occupation selection

• Career assessment & exploration based on occupations & environments best suited for success

• Education selection – traditional college, junior college, or vocational training + internship or volunteering

• Study skills training, weekly homework & time management planning, and teacher communication

• Job search training, resume development, and interview preparedness

• On-the-Job Readiness – top employment skills to know & use for effective employment relationships

• Customized WorkForce Planning℠ – individualized job placement assistance highlighting skills & strengths

• Continued employer/employee support to ensure mutual satisfaction of employment & career development



The mission of The WorkForce Today is to assist Asperger adults who are formally diagnosed achieve greater independence and productivity, as individuals and employees, by providing life-skills information, real-time practice, and ultimately, connection with community employers. Through one-on-one interaction and the development of all of the “parts” noted under the program offerings, a neurodiverse person will be assisted in gaining greater freedom and independence – just what they want and deserve for their adult life.


In our country today, there are varying statistics that tell about the employment rate of people with disabilities.  The statistics for people with “hidden disabilities” are even more varying.  What we are told is that for neurodiverse adults, unemployment rates vary from 35% to 90% unemployed, sporadically employed, or underemployed – depending on the specific disability. It’s time to improve that statistic!


For most neurodiverse people, maneuvering through the interview process and being on the job presents unique challenges – challenges that can be overcome by having an enhanced personal and employment perspective.

Hiring and employment is a two-way street:

• Through one-on-one interaction, success in the program offers a participant greater knowledge of the employee role

   and on-the-job readiness.

• A potential employer can help to alleviate some of this challenge through gaining a greater awareness and

  understanding of how to include an employee, with AS, in their workforce.



THE WORKFORCE TODAY program offers Customized WorkForce Planning℠ which is an individualized process of bringing candidates for employment and potential employers together.  Individualized employer contact is made on behalf of the client diagnosed with a neurodiverse disorder.  The purpose of this individualized contact is to:

• Assist the neurodiverse adult become employed without having to participate in an

  arduous job search process.

• Collaborate with a potential employer in making a profitable business decision while hiring a neurodiverse person,

   without looking toward the conventional aspects of sociability - but rather to their training, skills, and strengths.

• Give community employers the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the characteristics and strengths of people

   with AS, to offer inclusion in their workforce- to become employers of choice for people with AS.



Hi there!  I’m Cindy Zoeller,-Career Development & Employment Coach of THE WORKFORCE TODAY.


Through many years of working in the field of employment as:

• Employment Education Specialist - working one-on-one with adults diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

• Career Advisor - Cold-Call Job Developer & Candidate Placement - Specialized Project Recruiter

• College-level Curriculum Developer & Adjunct Instructor of Career Development and Job Search Skills

• Developer and Facilitator of Individual Employee Development Planning

• Author of “The Strategic Job Search – How to Find the Job That’s Right for You!”©


I bring these experiences together to partner with an adult diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome to assist them in gaining the adult role of being an employee and moving into the workforce.  This is such a natural phase of life – we all are identified by “what we do.”  Based on my experience working with people with AS, my perspective is that they are differently-abled and have strengths to offer an employer that will give a great return on the employer’s investment – both to the organization and to the individual.  A win-win for all!


To learn more about this program and to discover how you may benefit from joining, call for an initial consultation.


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~ coaching neurodiverse adults into the self-determined life they choose ~

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