Are You A Person On The Spectrum Looking For Answers?


Hello to you!

As you may have already read in the About  section, I have gotten to meet and come to know many people on the spectrum.  I so admire the integrity, effort, and desires that I find in each person.


It is my passion to assist folks in their search for an occupation they’ll enjoy, pursuing the educational foundation that will pave the way to employment, and helping to bring community employers and potentially great employees together.


It is through this work together, that I hope comes a measure of peace and the dignity that each human being deserves in this life.


Every spectrum person that I have met wants, for their life, the same things that most

 everyone wants in life, and that is to live a self-determined life by:


        •  Making your own choices

        •  Gaining an educational foundation

        •  Supporting yourselves through employment

        •  Enjoying relationships with people significant to you

        •  Contributing to your community

        •  Feeling satisfaction and success

        •  Living a life “well done!”


In the lives of people who live on this spectrum that we’re talking about, we know that there are strengths

and areas of challenge associated with this brain wiring that neuroscience now shows us.


         Some of the undeniable strengths that spectrum people are most noted for offering are:

         • tremendous loyalty to an employer

         • a strong commitment to “getting the job done”

         • great attention to detail

         • an ability to focus for extended periods of time

         • success working on repetitious tasks

         • straightforward candor


In my learning about and working with my clients on the spectrum, the areas that I assist

each one of them in learning about to build success in their everyday lives include:


        • executive function structure and process

        • social skills and their nuances

        • planning and organizing

        • problem-solving

        • communication and conversation

        • self-advocacy

        • stages of development

        • natural consequences of choices, decisions and actions

        • self-identity, personal boundaries and values

        • active living skills

        • successful educational processes

        • best occupations for spectrum people

        •  … not an exhaustive list of topics!


We also work on topics related to “active living skills” and how to be the best employee you can be.


    With each of these areas of learning comes the need, for your benefit, of having your own time to process, talk, practice through role-playing with real-time feedback, and reflection on how these things show up in you, individually, and what your goals and aspirations are and how to achieve them.


    Please send me an email if you’d like to ask about or talk about any of these topics, as they relate to you.  I offer an email response to your contact, at no charge.


    Ask any question or tell anything you’d like.  Together we may create a response to something that you’d like to work on developing in your life.  I look forward to hearing from you!



~ coaching neurodiverse adults into the self-determined life they choose ~

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