Hello colleagues!


I wanted to include a section on my website to talk with you about the exciting work that I do and hope to see more people with coaching, career development, and counseling backgrounds join in.


With the focus and emphasis on children on the autism spectrum, the high-functioning adults of today find very little available in the way of services and assistance geared toward their lives and needs.


Working with adults is actually a fantastic way to learn how to work alongside the children that come into adulthood.  (After I wrote that last sentence, I wondered if that was an odd thing to say… but what I want to convey is that working with adults helps to make the realization that children grow up!  There are many adults in each of our communities, right now, today, who can benefit from support and assistance.)


I’m not at all territorial about sharing work!  There are such a number of high functioning spectrum people who can benefit from your knowledge, expertise, and care.


If you are a licensed therapist, so many of the topics I work on, with my clients, can be enhanced by providing the counseling element and the obverse of that is in your counseling relationship you could coach AS people through these different areas of need.


Often, my clients work with a colleague of mine, a psychologist, who has gained a deep understanding of the functioning of the spectrum person’s brain and impact of emotions.  She also offers treatment through the practice of EMDR and hypnosis.  I am always amazed, and grateful to her, when I continually see the benefit of growth that my clients have when working with her.  This works helps to “round out” the person – to bring better balance to their life – because it is opening up and enhancing the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives.


If you would like to talk together to learn more about this population, to discuss developing a career in working with this population, or would even like to talk to my colleague about providing counseling services to this population, shoot me an email.


Let’s talk!  I look forward to it!



~ coaching neurodiverse adults into the self-determined life they choose ~

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